Advanced Image Processing Platform

DS FOREGROUND’s powerful image control system includes a digitizer, receiver card and user-friendly Fore-G System Management Software for fast, trouble free set-up and configuration. This integrated and versatile visualization solution not only allows you total control but will also boost the performance of your FOREGROUND LED display.
  • Allowing total control of your display content at a simple mouse click
  • Acceptance of a multitude of data and video sources
  • Compatibility with all resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Scaling/compressing capability

Fore-G System Management Software

Forward compatible Windows based set-up software provides easy to navigate environment and is packed with diagnostic features.
  • Failure Notification
  • Thermostatic Monitoring
  • Data Transmission Verification
  • Comes FREE with purchase of Foreground LED display
The system supports:
  • Pixel calibration with economical calibration camera
  • Enable voltage and temperature control on receiving card
  • Adjustment of screen brightness based on voltage or temperature limits
  • User friendly GUI
  • Support different grey scale requirement
  • Hot-swap signal backup
  • Diagnostics option is available