Intelligent Large Format Display
Smart, Slim yet Simple

  • Ultra slim profile at 35mm
  • High refresh rate (> 3600 Hertz) and maintains full 10 bit depth for 128 steps of gradation control
  • No PC required, thus saves on cost, increases reliability and makes operations simpler.
  • Content can be updated via network or via USB drive and the content is stored on the unit itself.
  • 6GB of built-in storage supporting almost all video and image formats.

DSFG iMural has been engineered with latest technologies to give it a smoother, slimmer profile. Crafted in beautiful anodized aluminium, it is lightweight yet durable. Each module tile is weighs less than 1.5kg or 23 kg/sqm when formed into a display making it more portable and easier to install. Due to the fact that no supportive metal frame structure is required during assembly thus a profile depth of 35mm is achieved making iMural one of the slimmer if not the slimmest large format flat panel displays on the market today!

Enjoy the privilege of watching or screening your own video, audio or pictures playlists anytime, anywhere with iMural. Update your digital content in our powerful built-in media player via WiFi or USB drive. Easy-to-follow on-screen menu makes it absolutely simple to schedule your content and no complicated configuration is needed whatsoever!.

The futuristic Smart Module ingeniously incorporated into each DSFG iMural system is its powerhouse. Engineered around a high-performance Internet Cyclone IV FGPA capable of parallel processing, and deeper integration with MCU management tools enables the display module to be self-contained in communication and management. Together they form the core of Smart Module which is capable of delivering powerful video processing platforms without the need for additional hardware. It also ensures all round operations converge, thereby ensuring seamless connections like screen monitoring operations and auto-detect work to be done continuously.

iMural pre-integrated software enables you to connect to it with a PC or Android devices from a single location via RJ45, WiFi, 3G, USB and HDMI. That makes it extremely easy to identify your display and manage settings like brightness and contrast. You can also play your content directly from your device be it a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Perform centralized video control and management via internet. Your efficiency is increased because you can cast your video remotely without the need to have an on-site controlling device or PC, as well as administer and monitor your video from the comfort of your office.

You’ll love the iMural‘s convenience of doing quick servicing and easy module replacements from the front simply with a handle magnet. A true advantage attributed to its patented cableless technology in connecting the modules, an exclusive technology brought to you by DSFG.

iMural 1.8P supports contents in HD 1280 x 720 or Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolutions with 1000 cd/m2 high brightness to deliver superior pixel-by-pixel true- colour performance. At this resolution and brightness, coupled with highest quality full black LEDs, high- definition video content can be seen crystal-clear with a more realistic viewing experience even in well-lit areas.

Awesome Images with Intelligent Content Monitoring & Management
Engineered around a high-performance Internet Cyclone IV FGPA and Advanced DDR Flash Chip, iMural’s Smart Module is able to deliver excellent image quality with high refresh rate, intelligent video monitoring and worry-free management capabilities.

Popular Aspect Ratio Resolutions for Easy Configuration and Transport
iMural module tile measuring 288 x 216 mm is designed natively in 4:3 form factor and can easily form into 16:9 aspect ratio screens with exact compat- ibility with the most widely-used resolutions. This enables easier content development and video wall processing. In addition, these tiles can be easily assembled or disassembled, stored and shipped. For example, a 16:9 display measuring 3.5 x 1.97 meters can be pre-assembled into 3 panels measuring 1152 x 1974 mm each for easy handling, shipping and storage.

Manage and Control Your Network Remotely and Globally
iMural makes centralized video control and management via internet delivery workflow a reality. Cast your video remotely without the need to have an on- site controlling device or PC. Increase your efficiency by administrating and monitoring your video from the comfort of your office or home.

Hot Swappable Front Access Module and Cableless Connection
Replace faulty modules from the front without the need to disconnect any cable by using only a handle magnet and while the unit is running. We have made front serviceability not only easy but a breeze!

Easy Wall Mounting Solution
Our specially designed wall mounted bracket provides an extremely simple and secure way to affix your iMural to the wall. To get that picture perfect hang whether it is oriented vertically or horizontally, all you need is a drill, a measuring tape, a pencil and a few easily available M6 screws and you you are set. Simply add more brackets as the size of your display grows.

Immersive Visual Experience
iMural is truly seamless and the absence of distracting bezels empowers you to fully exploit your impactful signage content. With full black LEDs, high refresh rate, 160° degrees both horizontally and vertically. You can now experience accurate and vivid colours with consistent levels of brightness from
all angles without colour distortion or decay. Rest assured iMural will deliver that crisp, high contrast image 24/7.

Improved Energy Use
iMural’s Smart Module utilizes an energy-saving technology that consumes less electricity than conventional LFD technology. This increases energy efficiency, provides for a lower overall cost of ownership, along with a higher ROI, making it a great long-term investment!
WOW your audience with a variety of iMural configurations
Large format video solutions with maximum flexibility of choice for configuration

Not sure of which screen size you want? Don’t worry
We can recommend a Preconfigured Size for you

Standard Accessories

Power Cable
Length : 2000 mm

HDMI Cable
Length : 2000 mm

  RJ45 Cable        
Length : 2000 mm

Connector Plate

Handle Magnet
Weight : 2 kg
Pulling power : 35 kg

Coloured Outer Frame
Please specify your choice of frame colour when placing orders
Replacement Parts

FGPA Board

Media Player Board

HDMI Board

LED Tile

LED Interconnect Board
Optional Accessories

Wall Mounting Bracket
Freight Packing

Flight Case and Wooden Crate
Custom built to meet your shipping needs
*Non-standard accessories, options and parts available as separately orderable items to complement our LED display solutions.

Pixel Pitch 2.571mm | 1.8 mm
Module Size 288 x 216mm
Display Resolution 112 x 84 | 160 x 120
LED Configuration Full Black 3 IN 1 SMD(2121)
Pixel Density 160000 | 308642
Display Dimension (H x W x D) To Be Configured x 35 mm
Panel Material Aluminium
Outer Frame Colours 5
Weight 23 kg/Sqm
Brightness ≥1000cd/m²
Drive Mode 1/28 constant scan
Viewing Angle 160 ̊(V) / 160 ̊(H)
Display Colour 4.4 Trillion
Processing Depth 12 bits
Refresh Rate >3600 Hertz
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Operation Power AC110/240V, 50~60Hz
Max Power Consumption 656W/Sqm
Average Power Consumption 190W/Sqm
Display Mode Asynchronous / Synchronous System
Signal Output HDMI (Optional)
Connection Type Ethernet / WIFI / Internet
Supported VGA Mode 784 x 588
Supported Video Files MPEG-2 / H.264
Operating Temperature -10 ̊ to +50 ̊ Celsius
Operating Life (50% Brightness) >100,000 Hours

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.