Broadcast Ready Sports Perimeter Display

Foreground’s patent pending Pro-SMT are replaceable hi-impact resistance shields that protect surface mounted LEDs from moisture and UV harm. These shields also serve as filters to enhance the LED’s contrast.

Foreground’s hi-refresh LEDs are developed specially for static free display when recorded on TV or video camera. With more than 1,200Hz, these LEDs can display flicker free video images, which includes live video feeds with excellent contrast levels for comfortable viewing even in the brightest daylight condition.

Rugged mechanical design with IP65/54 (front/rear) rating suitable for use in all indoor/outdoor fixed or mobile set-ups. Especially useful for rentals to withstand against hard wear and tear.

Extends the sambaLED™ beyond Perimeter setup. With the Hybrid Cabinet you can transform from Perimeter to normal video wall easily. Ideal for rentals that cater to all kinds of events and not just sports.

Material Parameters Samba-11 Samba-14 Samba-18
Pixel Pitch 11.67mm 14.00mm 17.50mm
Pixel Matrix Per Panel 96 x 72 80 x 60 64 x 48
Pixel Per Panel 6,912 4,800 3,072
Recommended Minimum Viewing Distance 12m 14m 18m
Brightness > 6,000 Nits
Colour Temperature (deg.K) 5,000˚ — 9,000˚ K
Contrast Ratio 2,200 : 1
Viewing Angle
Horizontal & Vertical (50% Brightness)
140˚ (+70˚ / -70˚)
Panel Weight 37 kg per panel
Panel Width 1,120 mm
Panel Height 840 mm
Panel Depth 100 mm
Panel Area 0.94 sq.m.
Panel Material Aluminum
Ingress Protection (Front/Rear) IP 65 / IP 54
Operating Temperature Range -20˚C to + 70˚C
Pixel Type and Configuration (R/G/B) SMD 3 in 1 5050
Colours 4.4 trillion
Grayscale (Linear) 4,096 levels
Brightness Control 100 levels per colour
Processing Depth 12 bit / 16 bit
Video Frame Rate 50 Hertz — 80 Hertz
Display Refresh Rate > 1,200 Hertz
Drive Mode Static Constant Current
Input Voltage (Nominal) 110 VAC / 220 VAC
Input Power Frequency 50 / 60 Hertz
Input Power (Max) 1,000 Watts
Input Power (Ave.) 300 Watts
Lifetime (50% Brightness) ≥70,000 Hours
Red Wavelength (Dominant) 620 nm — 630 nm
Green Wavelength (Dominant) 515 nm — 530 nm
Blue Wavelength (Dominant) 465 nm — 475 nm
Data Interconnection Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.