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  1. Nanotech Coatings

  2. Our patented high-impact resistance shielding technology begins with 2 layers of advanced nanotechnology based coating, one on each side of the PCB board. This UV-resistant coating is truly transparent and comes with good thermal endurance. It is physically stable and chemically inert making it almost completely unaffected by solvents. Other advantages of this high-tech coating process includes advantageously high volume and surface resistivities, low affinity to moisture, even and consistent buildup, thin layer (25 microns) deposition, etc.

  3. Crystal Cap
    Besides serving as a protection shield from potential damages caused by knocks or scratches, this high-impact transparent cap also effectively reduces glare and enhances the LED’s contrast. Crystal Cap delivers superior viewing experience with deeper blacks and sharper text.

  4. Epoxy Potting
    The complete electronic assembly is filled with flame retardant compound that provides excellent electrical insulation properties, shock and vibration resistance, moisture exclusion, as well as corrosion resistance.

  5. Grid Mask
    Final protection ends with locking a Grid Mask to hold Crystal Cap and LEDs in place as well as to yield an even surface.

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