Who We Are

FOREGROUND is an integrated manufacturer of advanced LED related products including advanced LED visual displays. It has strong design and development skills and is a dependable player with excellent technological capabilities and a long-term commitment to the LED display industry. Its products are known for ruggedness and reliability and conform to the latest relevant quality standards.

Be consistently at the forefront of industry technology to become one of the world’s foremost LED Solution Based Companies.

Use our innovative spirit to creatively design, develop and deliver brilliant LED related products & solutions that enhance customers’ and viewers’ experience everywhere in every way all the time.

FOREGROUND‘s success is built on its core values of creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything it does. This entails doing the right things for its people, environment and audience – especially for its customers.


Innovation Driven – At FOREGROUND, innovation extends far beyond the new technologies it applies in its solutions. Innovation encompasses the many breakthrough thought processes FOREGROUND employs when managing all aspects of its product design and development processes.

Innovation Applied – Through its R & D team comprising engineers from Europe and USA as well as technology partnerships with leading materials suppliers, FOREGROUND helps its engineers stay at the forefront of the industry by delivering products and solutions that utilize the latest technologies, materials and manufacturing processes.

Innovation Delivered – By utilizing abundant available resources namely raw materials, work force and sub assembly resources from ASIA, especially China, FOREGROUND is able to provide highly COMPETITIVE pricing compared with products of same class and technology.