Our Factory

Distinct Cutting-Edge – As a leading manufacturer of LED related products, being at the cutting-edge of technology is paramount as it enables FOREGROUND to remain at the forefront of the industry. Both its facilities in Shenzhen and Xian which include assembly and R&D assets showcase industry-leading equipment and processes.


FOREGROUND was founded by a group of highly skilled and competent partners from various multinational companies in the LED related industry.

Driven by a burning passion, innovation, creativity and an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, FOREGROUND is poised to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry for years to come. It continues to move forward, meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of its customers in an ever-evolving competitive global market as a leader in the industry.

Our combined experience practically encompasses the entire spectrum of the industry including the following:

  • Design and production of innovative LED display structures such as R16 and R10 for world top 3 LED display brand;
  • Participation in various rental assignments and projects across the world, from Europe to South Africa and Asia;
  • And involvement many fixed installation discussions especially in Europe.